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Whole Foods Nutrition

Our services include whole foods nutritional counseling for new and existing patients. Each unique counseling session will focus on the fundamentals of whole food nutrition and supplementation for various health conditions, as well as overall optimal well-being. Special attention will be paid to implementing whole food nutrition in the health and regulation of all organ systems in the human body including a review of major biochemical and physiological mechanisms.


Food, whether liquid or solid, is the source of all nutrients required by the body to perform its many biochemical processes; and, without these required nutrients, the chemical processes are unable to come to fruition.  Since nutritional deficiencies are normally not life threatening at first and take time to manifest themselves, most patients tend to ignore subtle warning signs.  As a result, existing deficiencies may eventually manifest themselves in varying degrees of illness through a pattern of symptoms, depending on the state of the patient’s healthº. 


A small survey along with a full examination will help the doctor compile a list of whole foods and supplements that will help implement nutritional deficits in the body.  Specific nutrients are essential for normal functioning of the digestive, cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal, nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Disruption of these systems can arise as various symptoms and can be caused by drug induced nutrient depletion, poor diet, and even genetic origin.


Our whole foods nutritional counseling can help patients feel better, shed a few unwanted pounds, and live happier.



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